Welcome to Moral Menagerie!


Moral Menagerie is dedicated to providing an overview of the scientific evidence for sophisticated cognition and social relationships in animals and exploring how this impacts on some of the big questions about morality, intelligence and sentience.

I’m a firm believer that seeing is believing in regard to animal competencies, and in that spirit will attempt to use videos and photos wherever possible to illustrate them. I hope to make Moral Menagerie a one-stop-shop for people seeking evidence of the important continuities between animal and human capacities and encourage readers to contribute with links to compelling footage, images or studies they’ve discovered in their travels.

You’ll notice some initial structures in place on the site to tantalize and give a hint of things to come. As a general rule, and especially to get us started, new page entries elswhere on the site will be posted to the blog first.

Thanks for dropping by and stay posted!

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1 Response to Welcome to Moral Menagerie!

  1. Bonobo says:

    I love the chimp and the tiger!
    Reminds me of one of my favourite music videos, directed by Spike Jonze-

    Though I think it’s not really correct to approve of stage primates…but they’re just so goshdarned cute!

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