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Evolving empathy

The following post is reproduced from a response to Professor Raymond Tallis’s column in the Jan/Feb edition of Philosophy Now Magazine Dear Editor: I was dismayed, reading Raymond Tallis’s column last week, to see him misrepresent the state of the … Continue reading

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The ugly little brothers of the moral instincts

Let’s face it. Our popular moral vocabulary is a bit on the fluffy side. When we think of what constitutes moral traits and behaviours, we tend to invoke “motherhoood and apple-pie” concepts like altrusim, helping, kindness, empathy, co-operation and consolation. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Moral Menagerie!

Hi! Moral Menagerie is dedicated to providing an overview of the scientific evidence for sophisticated cognition and social relationships in animals and exploring how this impacts on some of the big questions about morality, intelligence and sentience. I’m a firm … Continue reading

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